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Algebra 2


Welcome to Algebra 2!  This course is a continuation of what you learned in Algebra 1. If you have forgotten Algebra 1, that’s okay because we will review the first few weeks and bring you up to speed. What makes Algebra 2 different from Algebra 1 is that we will study many more functions. In Algebra 1, you studied mostly linear functions and you dabbled with the quadratic function. We will add to those absolute value, square root, cube root, cubic, inverse, rational, exponential, logarithmic, and polynomial functions. At the end of the year, we will venture into conics. So bring lots of paper, pencils and graph paper and get ready to learn.


If you are absent, click the link below to get notes for any lesson that we have done.  Look for the corresponding assignment that is posted on this blog. If you have questions, bring your notes and your assignment with you to my classroom in the morning.

I expect you to have copied the notes by your return to class. If you were out for extracurricular activities, then school policy dictates that you to return with all assignments completed.

If you were absent due to illness, then # of days out = # of days allowed to return work.

Don’t forget to turn in the assignment that was due on the day of your absence on the day of your return.

Link to the notes for Algebra 2!

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