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Lesson Plans for the Week of December 11, 2017


Monday Review for nine-week test (worked through test taken last week; looked at all of the nine-week reviews given) Tuesday Nine Week Test Wednesday Parabolas with Conics Cards Parabolas wkshts Thursday Parabolas: Writing EQs w/focus directrix, etc p. 124-125 91-10, 13-20, 24-42all, 50, 52) Friday TBA

Lesson Plans for the Week of December 4, 2017


Monday Graphing quadratics activity (day two) start review for tomorrow when finished w/activity Tuesday Review p. 201 (13-14,17-21) p. 136 (7,8) Wednesday T7 Thursday Quadratic and Linear Regression on a Calculator (see notes in T7 folder and find some problems!) wksht Friday Graphing Quadratic Function Inequalities NINE WEEK TEST ON TUESDAY NEXT WEEK p. 196 […]

Lesson Plans for the Week of November 27, 2017


Monday Quadratic Formula p. 179-182 (4-26e, 29-32,42, 44, 70) Tuesday Writing EQ of Quadratic Functions p. 132 (4-20e, 22,24,32) Wednesday Graphing Parabolas in Vertex Form and Intercept Form p. 113 (3-12, 53-60) Thursday Graphing Parabolas in Standard Form p. 113 (15-20all, 22-30e, 31, 37, 40-48) Friday Graphing quadratics activity (day one)

Lesson Plans for the Week of November 13, 2017


Monday I’m out for MUN Finish factoring (notes given on Friday) Wksht (180, 182, 184, 186) and wksht (1-5) factoring Tuesday Completing the Square (a = 1) p. 168 (4-20e, 25-30 all) Wednesday Quiz on Factoring Thursday Completing the Square (a > 1) derive QF if time allows p. 168 (31-36, 41-50) Friday SNOWFLAKE factoring […]

Lesson Plans for the Week of November 6, 2017


Monday Review for Test (review sheet given to you on Friday of last week) Tuesday T6 Wednesday Factoring Blitz Worksheet for Factoring Blitz Wksht (89-112) Thursday Wksht (113-144) Friday Wksht (145-152, 159-172)

Lesson Plans for the Week of October 30,2017


Monday Functions and Inverse Functions functions wksht Tuesday Inverses and Inverse Functions day one Wednesday Inverses and Inverse Functions day two inverses and inverse functions wksht Thursday Complex Numbers w/John and Betty Complex Numbers wksht Friday FINISH notes on complex numbers and work on worksheet posted yesterday

Lesson Plans for the Week of October 23, 2017


Monday Review for T5 wksht—work on notebook paper, not in your CN! Tuesday BAND CONTEST @ PINE TREE workday for those here Wednesday T5 Thursday Inverse Activity w/Desmos wksht Friday Finish inverse activity

Lesson Plans for the Week of October 16, 2017


Monday Solving Quadratic Inequalities (may have to redo Friday’s assignment for Juniors that weren’t here) p. 196 (27-34) due on Wednesday Tuesday Nine Week Test Wednesday Solving Radical Inequalities solving radical inequalities wksht Thursday Operations w/Radicals (T5 next Wednesday)  wksht: operations with radicals (1-24) Friday Student Holiday!!! Enjoy!

Lesson Plans for the Week of October 9, 2017


Monday Factoring ax^2 + bx+c AWP p.91 and p.93 Tuesday Solving ax^2+bx+c=0 p. 151 (13-20,27-34,47-54) Wednesday Jrs/Sophs PSAT Workday for those here Thursday Solving Radical EQs p. 318 (15-26) Friday Juniors to see play for English Solving Quadratic Inequalities Algebraically p. 196 (27-34)

Lesson Plans for the Week of October 2, 2017


Plans for this week subject to change due to scheduling of ACT and the half-day Monday Composition of Functions algebraically wksht operations/compositions-of-fxns-again Blank Notes and Assigned Problems for Compositions of Functions Tuesday ACT in the morning Work day for those here Wednesday half-day Task card review t4 review task cards Thursday T4 Friday Work on Three week […]

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