Honors Algebra 2

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Lesson Plans for the Week of November 27, 2023


Three more weeks before Christmas Break! Stay strong! Stay focused!


TEKS: 2A.1; 2A.7

Complex Numbers

Wksht: Complex Numbers (graphs and problems)

We will do the second worksheet in this link tomorrow.


TEKS: 2A.1; 2A.7

CircuitTrainingComplexNumbersalgebra and

p. 160 (49-62 all)

mini review: #10 and #11, cross out the y ‘s and put a 0.

(this review has not been posted to the blog, you received it in class today)

wksht: the second one in the link above


T6 Review



(inverse functions; complex numbers; solving inequalities (again–repeat from last test))


TEKS: 2A.1; 2A.7

Factoring Blitz

Worksheet for Factoring Blitz:


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